Stop using sp_hexadecimal & sp_help_revlogin

July 6, 2021 Andy 2

Since I started at Stack Overflow, I’ve had the chance to see some of the interesting challenges with running our databases at our scale. My coworker Taryn Pratt (blog|twitter) recently blogged about fighting with deadlocks related to Stack Overflow for Teams. Lots of logins Taryn … [Read More]

Configuring Replication with Availability Groups

February 23, 2018 Andy 5

I’ve used replication and Availability Groups together before. Replication works great with an AG as both a publisher or a subscriber (though, not as a distributor–you can’t add the distribution database to an AG).  I was surprised when I recently ran into a problem configuring … [Read More]

DROP TABLE Bug on Filestream Garbage Collection

December 8, 2015 Andy 5

FILESTREAM is not a particularly popular feature of SQL Server–if you’re using it, you are in the minority. If you have a database with filestream in an Availability Group, then you’re REALLY in the minority. At my 9-5, this is being done, and it’s apparent that … [Read More]

Using SQL Agent MSX for Availability Groups

July 7, 2015 Andy 0

Availability Groups (AGs) are all the rage these days. Every SQL Saturday, every local Users Group, bloggers and DBAs everywhere are all talking about how cool they are. There’s a lot of talk about how AGs provide a compelling alternative to Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs). … [Read More]