Big security loophole with SQL Logins

April 30, 2015 Andy 0

Aaron Bertrand (twitter|blog) recently blogged asking for help to fix a big security loophole. I read the post then, but it was only this morning that I finally got around to REALLY looking at it, thinking about it, and testing it out for myself. Aaron … [Read More]

sp_executesql with output parameters

January 22, 2015 Andy 0

One of my coworkers asked me about output parameters from dynamic SQL today. I pointed him at sp_executesql, which allows for passing parameters into or out of dynamic SQL. The syntax can be confusing at first blush (especially for a new DBA or developer), but … [Read More]

Formatting HTML emails in SQL

November 26, 2014 Andy 0

When I am writing monitoring/alerting stored procedures for my SQL Servers, its important to have those alerts be well-formatted. I like to minimize the amount of time I spend sorting through emails & alerts, and part of that is making sure that I can determine … [Read More]


May 22, 2014 Andy 0

At work, we make extensive use of views & synonyms. The reasons are complex (and fodder for another post), but here’s a simplified example: Pricing data is updated multiple times per day, and we want to keep multiple generations of the pricing table online. By … [Read More]

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