Multi-Statement TVFs in Dynamics CRM

August 22, 2017 Andy 0

In this post on, I look into a database performance issue with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and find a fix that speeds up nearly every database call in the application. If you’re familiar with supporting the database behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you probably know that … [Read More]

SentryOne Community Ambassador

July 20, 2017 Andy 1

Last week, SentryOne announced their new PAC Community Ambassador program. I’m incredibly excited to be part of this new program. PAC? Huh? SentryOne doesn’t fuel their monitoring software with power-pellets, the PAC is their Product Advisory Council. This is a group of their users and … [Read More]

The most important resume tip

July 9, 2017 Andy 3

Writing a good resume is hard. People will tell you lots of rules about what you should always or never do with your resume. Should you follow those rules? Are things different because of your industry/background/geography/niche? Should you be clever or classic? It depends™. There is … [Read More]

What’s wrong with DELETE EXISTS?

June 30, 2017 Andy 1

This morning, when I logged into Twitter, the tweet at the top of my timeline was from Shane O’Neill (blog|twitter). It was to his blog post, Shane, What’s wrong with DELETE EXISTS?.  It’s not that unusual that Shane would talk to himself in the third … [Read More]

LGBT+ Meetup at PASS Summit 2017

June 28, 2017 Andy 0

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to a change in plans, I’m not going to be at PASS Summit this year, so I won’t be hosting this meetup in 2017. Check out details here. Last year, I organized an (unofficial) PASS Summit LGBT Meetup. It was a bit … [Read More]

Transaction log growth during BACKUP

April 10, 2017 Andy 1

Over on Stack Exchange, someone asked why their transaction log was growing very fast during a full backup. An interesting tidbit to this question is that the database is in SIMPLE recovery — so the log should stay tiny, right? Wrong. While taking a full backup of … [Read More]

What the heck is a DTU?

March 30, 2017 Andy 0

In this post on, I explain DTUs (Database Transaction Units) and the differences you might see between the documentation and practical usage. When you’re deploying any application, one of the first questions that comes up is “What will this cost?” Most of us have gone … [Read More]

Blogging at

March 30, 2017 Andy 0

As part of my role on the SentryOne Product Advisory Council (PAC), I’m going to occasionally be contributing posts over at Today, my first post was published: What the heck is a DTU? focuses on providing innovative and practical solutions for improving SQL … [Read More]

Congratulations 2017 Microsoft MVP!

March 19, 2017 Andy 0

Earlier this month, I got an email with the subject line “Congratulations 2017 Microsoft MVP!” I immediately commenced doing a Snoopy happy dance (my dog, Callie, picked up on the excitement and joined in). If you aren’t familiar with the MVP Program, you might be … [Read More]