Updates to the Data Blogger Resource Kit

Earlier this year, I published the first crack at a Data Blogger Resource Kit. When I initially created the kit, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what direction I would go with it. In the months since, I’ve started to get a better idea of where I want to go, and I’ve collected some additional resources that might be helpful for folks who are bloggers or who are interested in becoming bloggers.

I’ve now published those additional resources on the Wiki. The resource kit now includes pointers to the following sets of data:

Some of those pages are still pretty bare-bones. Feel free to submit an issue, or a Pull Request if you have additions or suggestions for anything in the Kit.


The Wiki doesn’t allow PRs directly to it… There’s a wiki-source directory as part of the Kit, and you can submit a PR to that source. I’ll then periodically publish to the “real” wiki. I will need to write up some actual contribution guidelines–I’ll prioritize getting those created based on the amount of interest folks have in contributing. If you’re interested in contributing to contribution guidelines (how meta!), feel free to comment on the related issue, or even submit a PR.

Tell me what you think

Is this helpful for you? Have you watched or starred the repo? Are you using the Kit and finding it helpful? Is there something more you’d like to see in the Kit? Tell me! Comment below with feedback, or log a GitHub issue to add something to my to-do list.


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