#LGBT channel on SQL Slack!

Last night while having dinner with my husband, I had a thought and messaged Chrissy LeMaire (blog|twitter) on the SQL Server Community Slack.

Thoughts on an LGBTQ channel here? I doubt it would be very active… But I’d love to have a spot for the data queers to find each other. Especially if anyone ever has a gay in the workplace question or whatever.

It was super duper late at night in Chrissy’s timezone, but I sent the message so I wouldn’t forget. Chrissy is one of the admins on the SQL Slack workspace, and fellow member of Team Gay, so I was really looking for validation that it was a good idea, and help getting it created.

Sure enough, I woke up this morning to Chrissy’s response “I love it!” and a new #lgbt channel.

Calling all LGBTQ+ Data Nerds

This channel is whatever we make of it. The channel will be a safe, inclusive place for LGBTQ+ folks (and allies). Other than ensuring that it’s a welcoming/safe environment, the channel will be whatever the community makes it. Maybe it will be a social connection where LGBTQ+ folks can meet new people. Maybe it will turn into gay travel tips for data nerds. Maybe it will be a help center for people with LGBTQ+ questions and issues around their workplace, job hunting, etc. Maybe it will be all those things.

If you aren’t already on the SQL Server Community Slack, head over to SQLSlack.com to sign up, then join the #lgbt channel.

Just in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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