Webinar: Azure SQL DB Managed Instance–A New Path to the Cloud

On October 2, 2018 at 11PM EDT, I’ll be joined by John Q. Martin (blog|twitter) for a webinar on Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

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You can access the recording of the session here.

Follow-up Q & A from the live session can be found here.


You have an OLTP database application that sustains a heavy mixed workload with lots of read and write transactions; at the same time, a client application reports on the data. With Microsoft’s announcement that Azure SQL DB Managed Instance would be generally available on October 1st, organizations now have a viable alternative to Azure SQL Database that has a high degree of parity with retail on-premises SQL Server.

But what is this new technology and how do you get the most out of it?

Review our October 2018 webinar where we explored this new database option looking at key architectural considerations and where it fits in the SQL Server product family.

We covered how to determine if Managed Instance is right for your workload, as well as what the options are for moving your workloads from on-premises to Managed Instance.