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1947 Nash Ambassador. Unfortunately, the SentryOne Community Ambassador program does not provide me with one of these.

Last week, SentryOne announced their new PAC Community Ambassador program. I’m incredibly excited to be part of this new program.

PAC? Huh?

SentryOne doesn’t fuel their monitoring software with power-pellets, the PAC is their Product Advisory Council. This is a group of their users and industry experts who help provide feedback on the product, new features, marketing, etc. Sometimes we’re beta testers, sometimes we’re a focus group, and sometimes we just share our performance woes.

The PAC has also given me the opportunity to contribute as a guest blogger to, along with some other PAC members.

Now, SentryOne is going to help me do even more as one of their Community Ambassadors.

Ambassador? So, it’s a diplomatic post?

Basically, except I don’t think I have diplomatic immunity. SentryOne will help me pay for my travel expenses when I go to speak at SQLSaturdays, user groups, or other community events. Normally, I’m paying for travel out of my own pocket, so I’m limited at how many events I can speak at. The travel allowance helps me to make sure that I can afford to speak at more events, and help more people.

I go to these events to share my experience and knowledge, to help people learn, and to help people with their problems. If you’re going to be at one of my upcoming events, stop by and say hello. I’m there to help. If you have questions about SQL Server or SentryOne, I’d love to help. I might not always know the answer to your problem, but I can help get you pointed in the right direction.

Andy, are you part of a delegation?

I sure am! The group of Community Ambassadors that SentryOne announced includes myself, Derik Hammer (blog|twitter), John Morehouse (blog|twitter), Mike Walsh (blog|twitter), and Chris Yates (blog|twitter). Every one of these Community Ambassadors are great people, and great sources of knowledge. We’re all here to help–don’t be shy.

You might have noticed that we’re all guys. I certainly noticed. I’m a big advocate for diversity and inclusion, and I know SentryOne is as well. So what’s up with this lineup? Well, there’s another batch of Ambassadors that will be announced soon, and you’ll see a much better balance once that group is announced–I’ve seen the full list, and it’s a great group of people. [UPDATE: Aaron has updated the post on the SentryOne Team Blog with all the new members of the PAC Community Ambassador program.]

Upcoming events:

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