Job hunting is like dating

Most of us spend at least eight hours per day working. In America, we spend an average of 25 minutes commuting, each way. That’s nine hours dedicated to work every day. You probably see your coworkers as much as you see your friends and significant other. That’s why finding the right fit is important.

Truth in advertising

Finding a new DBA has more in common with finding a husband than you realize

Your resume is basically a personal ad. A profile on a job website isn’t very different than a profile on a dating website. From your resume to your interviews, you want to put yourself in the best possible light, but it’s important to be truthful. Embrace your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, but don’t lie. If you lie about your skills, experience, or knowledge, it’s going to turn up eventually–and that won’t end well.

Regardless of whether you are the employer or a potential employee, the goal of the interview process is start a multi-year relationship. This relationship should be based on honesty, trust, and respect. Be yourself.

Taking it slow isn’t an option

When you’re dating someone, you can take it slow, set the pace. You don’t need to race into a commitment. When you’re job hunting, you usually only have a few interviews to make your decision. If you take too long, an employer will move on to someone else.

Every interview counts. You should go into every interview prepared to learn about a potential employer, and to showcase yourself.

Sometimes she’s just not that into you

Not every first date turns into a second date. That’s OK. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if an interview doesn’t go well. It can be really difficult to stay motivated during a job hunt when you get rejected. It’s a difficult barrier to overcome. You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back into it.

There will be occasions when you think a job would be perfect for you, but the hiring manager doesn’t agree. Sometimes it will be the other way around. Remind yourself that job interviews are dates, and not every date turns into a relationship.


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