Shortcut: CTRL + ]

Shortcuts & tips from an Impatient DBA #2

This series of short posts will demonstrate some lesser-known features, keyboard shortcuts, and other tips that make my day as a DBA more productive. None of these are groundbreaking super-secret features–they are the little things that I do as part of my daily work that make me more efficient.

CTRL + ]

Go to Begin/End

You know the code. A million IF statements. Nested functions a mile deep. A TRY/CATCH so long you can’t find the CATCH.

Next time you find yourself counting parentheses, stop cursing the developer, and use CTRL+]. Simply put your cursor at a parenthesis, BEGIN, or END (including BEGIN/END TRY/CATCH), and use the CTRL+] shortcut. Your cursor will jump to the corresponding start/end of your code block.
For parentheses, you’ll jump between the corresponding open/close parens.
For BEGIN (TRY/CATCH), you’ll jump to the corresponding END (TRY/CATCH), and vice-versa.