T-SQL Tuesday: The last ticket I closed

February 13, 2024 Andy 2

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, Brent Ozar (blog|Instagram) asks us to describe the most recent ticket we closed. “We had a pretty significant wait spike…” The literal last ticket I closed was “please run this script in production…”, and I don’t think it would be … [Read More]

Diagram of Batman's utility belt

T-SQL Tuesday #143: My favorite short scripts

October 12, 2021 Andy 2

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, John McCormack (blog|twitter) asks us: “What are your go-to short, handy scripts”? I’ve got so many handy dandy scripts, it was hard to choose. Where to start? I have so many go-to scripts that are short, amazing, and I use … [Read More]

Racism is our problem to solve

June 9, 2020 Andy 2

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (blog|twitter). Kenneth asked us to talk about any non-SQL tips and tricks we have. I’m going to take the moment to give some tips on how (and why) you can help fight bigotry, racism, and racial injustice.

TSQL Tuesday #99: Tabs vs Spaces

February 13, 2018 Andy 3

The great tabs vs spaces debate is often framed as a matter of opinion or coding style. “As long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter.” Keep in mind that unlike your choice in footwear, coding style can’t be personal. I’m going to draw a line in the sand and say that tabs, like Crocs and mullets, are bad style.

TSQL Tuesday #99: SQL Tourism

February 13, 2018 Andy 2

When I started travelling to speak at SQL Server events, I committed that I would make the most of it. To me, that means a lot more than just attending the event where I’m speaking. Sure, I want to learn and network at the event, but it means more than that, too. It means actually seeing the city where I’m speaking. It means enjoying the entire trip.

TSQL Tuesday #85: Backup + Recovery + ☁️

December 13, 2016 Andy 0

It’s T-SQL Tuesday,  the blog party that SQL Server expert Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) started. This month’s episode is hosted by Kenneth Fisher (blog| twitter). The topic: Backup & Recovery Your backups are my bread & butter Backup & recovery are a DBA’s bread & butter. I always tell people that … [Read More]

T-SQL Tuesday #83: Roundup

October 16, 2016 Andy 2

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I asked people to blog about the same old problems we’ve been dealing with for years. There were some great posts, including a batch of first-time contributors. You’ll notice some overlapping themes as you read through these responses–I think those themes represent some … [Read More]

We’re still dealing with the same problems

October 8, 2016 Andy 1

Back in August, Allan Hirt (blog|twitter) tweeted: In the roughly 25 years of I have been in IT, we're still dealing with the same problems. — Allan Hirt (@SQLHA) August 30, 2016 I had a slow day, so I generated a storm of responses. This month’s T-SQL … [Read More]

T-SQL Tuesday #79 – COMPRESS()ing LOB data

June 14, 2016 Andy 2

It’s T-SQL Tuesday,  the blog party that SQL Server expert Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) started. This month’s episode is hosted by Michael J Swart (blog| twitter). The topic: SQL Server 2016 is out! SQL Server 2016 is hot off the presses, and Michael challenges us to blog about it. I’ve been using … [Read More]