How to shrink a database in 4 easy steps

April 28, 2016 Andy 9

It’s a really common question: “How do I shrink my database?” Luckily, there’s also a really common answer: “Don’t.” …but what if you really have to? Perhaps you just implemented data compression, and have 60% free space in your database. Perhaps you just deleted a … [Read More]

CONVERT() to float using scientific notation

April 20, 2016 Andy 2

Someone posted to #sqlhelp on Twitter, asking the following: “Wondered if anyone could enlighten me as to why ISNUMERIC(‘7d8’) returns 1?” Sure enough, SELECT ISNUMERIC(‘7d8′) returns a 1. WTF? d isn’t numeric! OK, sure, if you say “seven-dee-eight” out loud it sounds like a number, but “d” is a … [Read More]

How fast queries hurt performance

April 15, 2016 Andy 6

This week at work, I noticed CPU on one server seemed pretty high. I wasn’t familiar with this particular server, but based on the applications it supported, I was expecting the server to be under-utilized. I went over to vCenter to look at historical CPU … [Read More]

T-SQL Tuesday #77– My favorite SQL Server feature

April 12, 2016 Andy 2

It’s T-SQL Tuesday,  the blog party that SQL Server expert Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) started. This month’s episode is hosted by Jens Vestergaard (blog | twitter). The topic: Favorite SQL Server Feature. When I saw this topic, I was really excited. My mind started racing through all the awesome features … [Read More]