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Data Compression: Costs & benefits

December 29, 2015 Andy 3

SQL Server supports two kinds of data compression on rowstore data. Columnstore compression is for a different day. You can compress heaps, clustered indexes (on both tables and views), and nonclustered indexes (on both tables and views). Compression requirements Data compression is available in SQL … [Read More]


sp_autostats: object-level auto update statistics

December 15, 2015 Andy 1

In SQL Server, auto-update statistics is a database level setting. It’s right  there: I’m not going to say whether I think Auto Update Statistics should be on or off. Instead, I’m going to argue that there are definitely scenarios when you want to have this on … [Read More]

DROP TABLE Bug on Filestream Garbage Collection

December 8, 2015 Andy 5

FILESTREAM is not a particularly popular feature of SQL Server–if you’re using it, you are in the minority. If you have a database with filestream in an Availability Group, then you’re REALLY in the minority. At my 9-5, this is being done, and it’s apparent that … [Read More]