Planning for an outage: Phone numbers

September 15, 2015 Andy 0

Who ya gonna call? If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call? If it’s something weird and it won’t look good Who ya gonna call?   This summer, they’ve been taping the new Ghostbusters movie in Boston. It’s pretty cool to see the Ghostbusters … [Read More]

Embedded video demos in PowerPoint

September 11, 2015 Andy 0

This series of short posts will demonstrate some lesser-known features, keyboard shortcuts, and other tips that make my day as a DBA more productive. None of these are groundbreaking super-secret features–they are the little things that I do as part of my daily work that … [Read More]

No Picture

Thanks for being awesome NE SQL!

September 10, 2015 Andy 2

This evening, I did my first presentation at a user group at my local user group. Sure, it was just a lightning talk, but the New England SQL Server user group is a tough crowd. People ask tough questions. Nobody is timid about interrupting you … [Read More]